Usage as Library

The Context Mapper DSL (CML) and its tools cannot only be used within Visual Studio Code or Eclipse, but also be integrated into other applications as a standalone library. This library allows you to parse CML files within a project, change the model programmatically, and unparse it back to CML. You can also use tools such as the Architectural Refactorings and the provided generators for graphical context maps, PlantUML, MDSL, and Freemarker templates.


All our releases are not only published as IDE extensions or plugins, but as updates to the standalone library as well. This library is published into the Maven Central repository and can easily be integrated into your Maven or Gradle build:


implementation 'org.contextmapper:context-mapper-dsl:{our-latest-version}'



The latest release can be found here: Maven Central

Example Project

If you want to use Context Mapper as library within your application, have a look at our standalone example project:

This project illustrates how to setup your project (with Gradle) so that your CML files are compiled at build-time as well. It further provides code examples in Java that show how to use the models within your project (for example: parse, unparse, and use generators).

If you have further questions regarding the library usage of Context Mapper, please create an issue in our GitHub repository or feel free to get in touch with us.