Getting Involved

As an open source project, we are happy to welcome new contributors who want to help improve Context Mapper. To get involved with Context Mapper consider the following options:

Contribute bug reports or feature requests

Use GitHub issues to report bugs or feature requests in our repositories:

Contribute code

You can contribute source code changes by submitting pull requests to our code repository.

Contribute examples

Our examples repository contains Context Mapper example models which are an important reference point for new users of the tool. If you have ideas for contributions to the examples, we are very thankful as well. You can contribute by submitting pull requests to the examples repository or get in touch with us.

Contribute documentation

This website is another importante resource and reference for Context Mapper users. If you find mistakes in our documentation or want to contribute by improving these pages, feel free to submit pull requests to the repository of this Github page or create issues to let us know about shortcomings. You can also get in touch with us to give us feedback.

Get in touch with us

Do not hesitate to contact us with ideas and suggestions for improvement. For establishing a first contact, please contact our project lead.