Feature Support

We currently offer Context Mapper for Visual Studio Code and Eclipse:

Note: We have only recently published the VS Code extension and it does not support all the features yet. In case you need all the features, you have to work with Eclipse for now. We work on the VS code extension and hope to support all the features soon!

Supported Features per IDE

The following table illustrates which features are already implemented in VS Code. Both IDEs shall support all features in the future.

Feature Supported in Eclipse Plugin Supported in VS Code Extension
Editor: Syntax Highlighting yes yes
Editor: Auto-completion yes yes
Editor: Hover texts with pattern descriptions yes no
Editor: Semantic validators yes yes
Graphical Context Map generator yes yes
PlantUML generator yes yes
MDSL generator yes yes
Generic text file generator yes yes
Service Cutter input file generators yes no
New service cut generator yes no
OOAD transformation: Derive Subdomain from user requirements yes yes
OOAD transformation: Derive Bounded Context from Subdomains yes yes
OOAD transformation: Derive frontend and backend systems yes no
OOAD transformation: Split system context into subsystems yes no
AR: “Split Aggregate by Entities” yes no
AR: “Split Bounded Context by Use Cases” yes no
AR: “Split Bounded Context by Owner” yes yes
AR: “Extract Aggregates by Volatility” yes no
AR: “Extract Aggregates by Cohesion” yes no
AR: “Merge Aggregates” yes no
AR: “Merge Bounded Contexts” yes no
AR: “Extract Shared Kernel” yes no
AR: “Suspend Partnership” yes no
AR: “Change Shared Kernel to Partnership” yes no
AR: “Change Partnership to Shared Kernel” yes no