Please find our CML examples in the following Github repository: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples.

There you find an example of a fictitious insurance company and the DDD sample. All the graphical illustrations of our sample Context Maps are inspired by Vernon and Brandolini.

Insurance Example

Link: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples/tree/master/src/main/cml/insurance-example

Insurance Company Example Context Map

DDD Sample

Link: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples/tree/master/src/main/cml/ddd-sample

DDD Sample Context Map

Architectural Refactoring (AR) Examples

The examples which you can find behind the link below provide smaller CML snippets of the insurance example to illustrate how you can apply refactorings to your models.

Link: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples/tree/master/src/main/cml/architectural-refactorings