Please find the CML examples featured on this page in the following GitHub repository: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples.

In the examples repository, you can find the domain model and strategic DDD description of the services and application landscape in Lakeside Mutual, a fictitious insurance company, and the CML version of a classical DDD sample (cargo routing and tracking).

The following graphical illustrations of our sample Context Maps are inspired by Vernon and Brandolini.

Insurance Example

Link: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples/tree/master/src/main/cml/insurance-example

Insurance Company Example Context Map

DDD Sample

Link: https://github.com/ContextMapper/context-mapper-examples/tree/master/src/main/cml/ddd-sample

DDD Sample Context Map

Architectural Refactoring (AR) Examples

The following folder contains a number of small CML snippets from the insurance example; they illustrate how you can apply refactorings to your models: