v6.9.0 Release Notes

Aug 16, 2023 • Stefan Kapferer

Today we released version 6.9.0 of Context Mapper 🥳 With this release we implemented the following features and bug fixes:

  • The Use Case diagram has been enhanced with metadata about the cases or stories (GitHub Issue).
  • The PlantUML generator creates a new Sequence diagram that illustrates the interactions of a Use Case (GitHub Issue).
  • A small improvement in the following error message has been implemented: GitHub Issue
  • TLA Sample Application: We created a new sample application that illustrates how to use our ArchUnit extension and how our generated diagrams can be used in your documentation.
Hint: Also note that we changed our Eclipse Update Site URLs! If you still have the old URL within your Eclipse installation, you have to re-install Context Mapper.
Warning: Please also note that the current Context Mapper release seems not to work with Eclipse 2023-03. We recommend using the latest release 2023-06 of Eclipse instead.

Warning: Please also note that the current Context Mapper release does unfortunately not work with Eclipse 2023-03. Please use 2022-12 for now; we try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Use Case Diagram Enhancement

The CML attributes scope, level and benefit are now also used in the PlantUML Use Case Diagram Generator. As the following example illustrated, we add these metadata of the use cases as notes to the PlantUML diagrams:

PlantUML Use Case Diagram - Added Metadata

New Sequence Diagram Generator for Use Case Interactions

In order to graphically illustrate the interactions of a Use Case, we now generate a PlantUML Sequence diagram. The following example illustrates the interactions of our claims example (Get_paid_for_car_accident):

PlantUML Use Case Interactions - Sequence Diagram

Note: As the note on the diagram already says, the generated diagram illustrates interactions in an early analysis state. We are aware that the generated interactions might not be triggered/connected by/with the correct actor(s). This is a known limitation.

TLA Sample Application

Finally, we started implementing a sample application with the goal to illustrate:

  • How to validate a Domain-driven Design (DDD) model implementation (tactic, code) against a Context Mapper model using our ArchUnit extension.
  • How to use generated diagrams of Context Mapper inside your documentation (in this case the arc42 document that automatically is generated in the CI/CD pipeline).
  • How to implement an application using tactic DDD patterns and Onion Architecture (just an example; we are not claiming that this is “the way” at all).

The sample application shows how you can ensure that your CML domain models and the code do not deviate - as we have described it in our JavaSPEKTRUM article and the blogpost of Stefan Kapferer (case study).

You can find the sample application here.

Three Letter Abbreviations (TLA) Sample Application (Context Mapper)

As always, if you have any issues or other feedback, please let us know.