A Modeling Framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design

ContextMapper is an open source project providing a Domain-specific Language and Tools for Strategic Domain-driven Design (DDD), Context Mapping, Bounded Context Modeling, and Service Decomposition.

Quick Start

Context Mapping DSL (CML)

CML is an easy to understand, Xtext-based, DSL for DDD context mapping. The language supports modeling Bounded Contexts and their relationships with tactic and strategic DDD patterns.

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Continuous Refactorings

Decompose your systems architecture by applying Architectural Refactorings (ARs) iteratively. Split and merge Bounded Contexts and/or Aggregates to improve coupling and cohesion.

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Diagram and Contract Generation

Use your CML Context Maps to generate other representations of the architecture, such as graphical Context Maps, PlantUML component and class diagrams, MDSL (micro-)service contracts, or code.

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Context Map Discovery Library

Use our Java discovery library to reverse engineer a DDD Context Map from your existing monolith or microservice application (extensible library based on strategy pattern).

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Code (Microservice) Generation

Generate any text or code with our generic generator based on Freemarker templates. We offer a template to generate Microservice applications (Spring Boot) using JHipster.

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